Rija was our tour guide and driver for 3 weeks a couple of years back. He’s a knowledgeable, very friendly and honest guy. He helped us put together our trip matching our wishes (we didn’t arrive with a fully prepared itinerary :)) including some beautiful, very remote places. Rija helps you if you want/need it, and also gives you privacy. He helped negotiate hotel rates and tours and knows the best places to visit. We spent a couple of days completely off the beaten track and he’s an excellent driver in tough terrain which helps you reach some very special spots.

Also, and we really appreciated this, he told us a lot about current-day Madagscar, which helps to understand the country you are visiting a little bit better. Even now, after a couple of years, we are still in touch with Rija and his lovely family. We definitely recommend Rija for a trip to Madagascar!